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Terms & Conditions
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  1. Any mortality happened on the way if less than 5% must be accepted by consignee.
  2. Any mortality or loss caused by flight delayed or misconnection flight which is approved and receipt sign by the cargo officer as witness from the airline involved or other causes beyond our power must be shared between shipper and consignee of each a half (50%) unless if the loss can be claimed and paid immediately.
  3. Any shipment without news to shipper must be accepted in well by consignee, and claims are not allowed if no report less than 24 hours after receipt of shipment.
  4. Payments of new buyers must be in advance (deposit) according pro-forma invoice as requested from consignee.
  5. Credits facilities can be given according agreements only for regular customers or if guaranteed by someone that we known and cannot be more than 2 (two) weeks. If it's unpaid, an extra interest fee will be charged 2% a month.
  6. An additional airport handling charges is US$ 100.00 plus an extra conservation fee (CITES) if any or will be calculated with freight charges without an extra handling charges.
  7. Prices of every species can be changed any time without notice and will be advised in our next offer or new stock-list.
  8. Payments are not accepted by banker draft or personal checks, and only acceptable by Telegraphic Transfer (TT) which the transfer fee can be deducted US$ 25.00 from the total amount of transfer.
  9. All prices are quoted FOB and charged in USD.
  10. Minimum order is USD 500.


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