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PT. PRIYATAMA PERKASA is a company, which have variables scoop of business in Export/Import & General Trading. We sell and buy in variables trade areas, such as live fish, cigars, handicraft, and agriculture.

Especially at live fish, we concentrate in freshwater aquarium fish. We not only produce and develop varieties of the freshwater aquarium fish, but also export them to all over the world. In this business, PT. PRIYATAMA PERKASA has own export center aquarium, fish farm, and breeding station with many varieties of freshwater aquarium fish. Our specialization is Black Ghost, and many kinds of Discus, Leave bearer, Rainbowfish, Tetras, etc.

PT. PRIYATAMA PERKASA with honor also declares a brand new cigars, which combined some tobaccos from Cuba, Brazil, Burma, and Indonesia. If you consider about taste, prestige, and life-style, we introduce you to our high quality of cigars. We give you an opportunityto taste the different of first class tobacco with many kinds of flavors and size, like an original flavor,  rum flavor,  and vanilla flavors.

At Handicraft, we produce and export some kind of handmade and unique handicraft. Our materials are come from natural resources, which can found as local arts with Indonesian's atmosphere. We produce and trade accessories, ladies handbag, furnitures, etc.

Besides above of all, PT. PRIYATAMA PERKASA offers some agriculture comodity, we provides you our best qualities of some spices, like ginger and white peppers.

Finally, even though we are not the first company, which provides all kinds of that matters, we guarantee that you will not be dissapointed with all of our services, goods, and prices. We offer you a competitive price with high qualities of products.






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